Michael Donovan PhD - Senior Consultant

"Like trying to lose weight, the concepts and principles of high performance teamwork are simple enough to understand . but bottom line success lies in disciplined application . and therein lies our contribution . the tools for successful implementation."

Michael Donovan has spent over 30 years helping organizations use high performance team concepts to create a strategic competitive advantage. Michael received his doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University. At Proctor and Gamble and Honeywell, he began his career involved in pioneering implementation efforts of Quality Circles and Self-Directed Work Teams.

Michael has published over 30 articles on high performance teams and several training programs used in implementing high performance, team-based operations. He has a reputation as a hands-on practitioner, rather than an academic . he knows how to make the theoretical concepts work on the shop floor.

For the past 20 years Michael has been a consultant with clients such as: Xerox, Harley Davidson, GE, KLM Airlines, Lucent Technologies, Ford Motor Company, Travelers Insurance, U.S. Army, Norvartis, Merck, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Miller Brewing, AlliedSignal and many others. Michael was also a charter member of the Association of Quality and Participation (AQP), served on the association's national Board of Directors, and won their Presidents Award in 1990 for outstanding contributions to the field of employee involvement.