Filiberto Lagares Díaz - Lead Consultant - TeamPath Puerto Rico

"A work team implementation that has significant impact on bottom line results does not happen by chance or smart strategic guessing plans. It requires leadership involvement, solid know-how and dedicated planning. We provide careful coaching in every step of the process."

Filiberto Lagares has built a reputation for providing specialized development services for the maximization of human potential, leadership, technical skills and organizational performance effectiveness, both for private and public organizations.


As HR Development internal consultant for Hanes Menswear, Filiberto successfully implemented varied and innovative developmental strategies: On-site MBA; Leadership, Management and Supervisory Skills Development Training; Team Alignments and Leadership Teambuilding Workshops; Manufacturing Internships, Hanes University Basic Curriculum, Development and Succession Planning Programs, and a unique Management Development Group, among others. He also made significant contributions for the establishment of diverse work teams strategies at the Textiles and Apparel plants.


With various facilitation certifications on his behalf, Filiberto has also been a highly successful facilitator of courses and seminars for manufacturing, universities, and government and community settings. He has facilitated courses like: Team Development Workshops, Effective Communications and Interpersonal Relations, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making Skills, Performance Measurement and Improvement, Interviewing Techniques, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Business Ethics, Participative Management Skills, Succession Planning, Employee Involvement, Recognition and Satisfaction, and Stress Management among others.


Filiberto is a Licensed Physchologist in Puerto Rico.  He holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from University of Puerto Rico, and conducted doctoral studies in Psychology at Adelphi University in New York.