Barry Rubin – President

"A big part of our work is to help the organization see a clear path to its goals. We break down the challenge into actionable pieces, so the entire process doesn't seem so daunting. It really doesn't have to take that long!"

Barry Rubin has been working with organizations to increase performance by more fully utilizing the potential of their people for over two decades. Barry has extensive experience in the training and organization development field, applied especially to the implementation of high-performance team initiatives, both domestic and abroad.

Barry has a reputation for creative, cost effective approaches and partnership that help organizations achieve their goals. Prior to founding TeamPath, Barry provided organization change, leadership, internal consultant and team development expertise to companies such as Lucent Technologies, Ford Motor, Hanes Menswear,  Merck Pharmaceuticals, FAA, Delphi Automotive, GE, Union Carbide, and AMETEK Aerospace to name a few.

Barry presents frequently on human resource development issues and has published articles on such topics as best practices on implementing work teams to managing international workforce diversity to Interactive Video Teletraining. He earned his undergraduate degree from Florida State University, and a Master´s Degree in Human Resource Development from ICADE University, Madrid, Spain.