TeamPath´s total system´s approach or "pathway" to high performance work teams was developed and proven through 20 years of field experience by a talented group of practitioners headed up by Michael Donovan.

TeamPath unites a network of professionals with a particular talent at applying TeamPath methodology in a way that will have the greatest impact on the organization, not the budget. We have a proven track record in leading organizations through this complex culture change towards achievement of performance-oriented, flourishing team-based operations.

Barry Rubin – President

"A big part of our work is to help the organization see a clear path to its goals. We break down the challenge into actionable pieces, so the entire process doesn't seem so daunting. It really doesn't have to take that long!"

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Michael Donovan PhD - Senior Consultant

"Like trying to lose weight, the concepts and principles of high performance teamwork are simple enough to understand . but bottom line success lies in disciplined application . and therein lies our contribution . the tools for successful implementation."

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Filiberto Lagares Díaz - Lead Consultant
TeamPath Puerto Rico

"A work team implementation that has significant impact on bottom line results does not happen by chance or smart strategic guessing plans. It requires leadership involvement, solid know-how and dedicated planning. We provide careful coaching in every step of the process."

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